Team Jesse: Dye Jobs, Uniforms, Bump & Grind Tournament

Team Jesse is sending a lacrosse team to Miami from January 28-30 to play in the annual Bump & Grind Lacrosse Tournament. A group of professional and amateur lacrosse players will be playing in support of a special mission: Helping Families of Fallen Soldiers in Honor of SSG Jesse L. Williams.

While in Miami, Team Jesse will be holding a raffle to raise funds for the cause. Anthony Kelly and STX are Grand Prize Sponsors and have put together a bag of STX gear for the top prize. Ian O'Hearn and Break Away Lacrosse donated a brand new Pro 7 helmet and Chris Labreche at Warrior has donated some great prizes too. 1Lacrosse will continue it's support of Team Jesse as they raffle off a couple of these Limited Edition Camo Shafts. We've even heard rumor of some high profile collegiate gear being donated. Throw in a few non-lax prizes and support the cause through this raffle.

The support we've received from the lacrosse community has been amazing and especially that of Bo and Jorge at Lacrosse Wear. They've organized a top notch tournament, made us some sweet custom uniforms and are allowing us to hold the raffle at the fields on Sunday during the playoffs. Thanks to!

If you want to support the cause, please go to to donate or come see Team Jesse at the games on Friday and Saturday or at the Tournament Party Saturday night to buy some raffle tickets. The final drawing will be held on Sunday at noon at the game fields.

I dyed a few heads to help support Team Jesse...

For this one I used a Brine Witness X head and based it off of one of the shafts they did form Team Jesse in the White/Gray/Black camo. I started off covering up the outline of an actual silhouette of Jesse taken during active duty. I also covered up "Team" and "Jesse", as well as the five stars and the "5-20" on the back scoop. From here I covered almost the entire head with hot glue before dyeing Gray. After that was done I covered up the "5-20" and made almost a banner of sorts behind the silhouette over "Team Jesse" to help it pop. I then covered it again with another coat of hot glue, dyed it Black and here was the final result. This one is one of my favorites so far. It looks great and it was for a great cause.

For this head i used a Warrior Evo Pro that I had. I chose to use the colors from this years team in the Bump and Grind Tournament. I originally thought I was going to do stars and stripes all over the head but I moved away form that towards the mini checkerboard pattern which you can see here. I first place all the mini-checks on the inside throat of the head and place the saying "To the Limit" (for more information on why these were used check out I then dyed that bottom portion with a Navy Blue Fade. From here I placed only the stars on the back scoop and the words "Team" and "Jesse" on the front scoop to remain White. I dyed the head Golden Yellow and began placing the remaining checks. I dyed over with Red and the end result I feel came out really nice.

Finished dye jobs:

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Matt Hickman graduated from Georgetown Prep (’04) and then went on to star at Salisbury University (’08). He now runs King Dyes while also working for Performance Lacrosse Training in Bethesda, Md.

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