Team Hulu Wrapped Out By HeadWrapz

HeadWrapz has been wrapping everything lately but next years Christmas presents it seems, and I took a particular interest in this helmet because it's not only a company we have all heard of, but I was really wondering who this "Team Hulu" really was.  Well, it didn't take much for me to find out, but it did allow me to understand that lacrosse has touched lives of many more people than we though; including the people who provide a wonderful service to us in Hulu.  Nevertheless, I chatted with Kevin McGurn, who is quite a nice guy, who works for Hulu and explained the exact elements of the team.  I wasn't sure what kinds of players would make up such a team, but even you may be surprised.  Here are some of the players who will be competing in Vail here in 2011:


*Darren McGurn - A - 4-Time All-American (1st team 3 times), 1998 Attacker of the Year, 1998 Player of the Year. - Ohio Wesleyan '98
*Dave Maguire - A - 4-Time All-American (1st team 3 times), 1997 Attacker of the Year - Ohio Wesleyan '98
*Kevin McLane - A/M - All-Time points leader - Boston College '98
*John Galvin - A/M - Ohio Wesleyan '02 - Vail All-Tourney Team 2010 - Former Head Coach (7-years) - UC Boulder
*Josh Whichard - M/FO - All-American F/O - Ohio Wesleyan '98
*Ben Focht - LSM - Academic All-American - Butler '99
*Zach Gagel - D - 2 Time All-American (1st Team 1 time) - *Ohio Wesleyan '00 - 4 seasons in the MLL and 2 seasons in the NLL
*Kevin McGurn - G - 2 Time All-American - Ohio Wesleyan '98 - Vail All-Tourney Team 2010

That isn't too bad of a team if you ask me, especially with some past All-American players, and even some past players who have performed well in prior tournaments!  Some added information, which I thought was pretty spectacular, was the fact that Kevin told me he had fitted the helmets with the Relentless 27 chin straps.  The color will add a nice touch to those already remarkable helmets.

For those of you living under rocks, here is some information that I believe is beneficial when talking about Hulu if you didn't already know:

A bit about Hulu: Hulu is an online video service that offers hit TV shows, movies and clips in the U.S. Hulu Plus, a monthly subscription service, was launched in November 2010 and offers subscribers an expanded content library as well as high-definition cross-platform viewing of all your favorites TV shows, movies and clips on Mobile devices, tablets, gaming consoles and internet connected televisions.

With that said, why not break out some more angles to show just how dynamically inclined this wrap truly is?  What do you say!

I hope you enjoyed some of these pics as much as I did, as these guys are not only well-skilled, but are sponsored by Under Armour, two local businesses in Denver, and obviously rep the new Hulu Plus element of Hulu that has become such an asset to the company already.  Now, the fun has just begun, I am sure some of you have wondered just how durable these wraps are?  Well, Joe created a nice video to show just how durable the wraps are, and took some frustration out as well.  I sensed a little "Office Space" type attitude while slapping the helmet.  Nevertheless, enjoy the video!

Another HeadWrapz Durability Test

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