Take It Easy...

Happy holidays laxers and lax lovers.  I am writing this post to remind you all to remember the little things because, sometimes, they mean so much.  When stringing a stick, it’s all in the deets (Urban Dictionary translation: details).  Not to say that my upcoming bit of stringing advice means everything, anything, or even the most; I would just like to point out that sometimes something like a knot or the slightest change in tension can impact a stick tremendously.  Find your area of issue, adjust, try it out, and repeat sequence if necessary.

Here’s a knot I use to keep a crosslace or a sidewall string from pulling through a hole in the head.  It is quite annoying to try to tie a knot with a sidewall string cut too short at the top after it pulls through – UGH.  Check this out:

Learning some of these minuscule yet useful tools of the trade comes from the “better safe than sorry” module -- something like doubling up your top string is another example of preventative stringing tactic.

Keep laxing and learning.  More updates on scheduling, more pics, and more fun coming to www.roseschoolofstringing.wordpress.com and registration almost set up on www.roseschoolofstringing.com.  Have a happy and safe NYE so you can all do your thing in 2011!


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