Swax Lax Training Ball Review

Swax Lax Training Ball Review

Swax Lax challenged me to review their training lacrosse balls.  Let me just say, I’m a huge fan.  This product meets a lot of needs from beginners to the most elite players.  On top of a great product the company, it is a woman-owned-and-led business which is just awesome if you ask me!  From what I’ve gathered, the Swax Lax Training Ball was designed with two primary purposes in mind: to be a safer alternative for beginners and for indoor usage for more advanced players.

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Upon seeing the ball for the first time, it took me back to my middle school days when hacky sacks were all the rage (anyone remember the late 90's? Oh, right, you were not even born yet.)?  It’s basically a bean bag-style ball with a more structured outer casing.  It is the same weight and size as a lacrosse ball so it very much feels the same when catching and throwing.

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This is an awesome ball for messing around indoors and in practice scenarios. Much lower risk of injury too. Overall, I highly recommend adding it into your lax life.
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