Stylin’ Strings Speed Pass Lacrosse Stringing Service Released

Stylin’ Strings Speed Pass Lacrosse Stringing Service Released

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The stick makers at Stylin’ Strings are proud to announce that we have something quite functional to now offer our customers. As if we couldn’t make our lacrosse pockets any better, we are now able to expedite our stringing production rate increasing how fast they could potentially arrive at your door, depending on your needs. Industry standard as well as our current production rate ships in 10 business days for a custom handmade product. We have been testing this new process on call-in orders the last 12 months before releasing it on the website.

Beginning today, we are now offering “Speed Pass” turnaround times on all of our hand strung pockets. Each pocket will still be crafted with the same care and precision you’ve come to expect from us, however this newly featured service will allow you to get your weapon faster than ever. Honestly, no one likes waiting, and now you don’t have to. Your son or daughter may have an important tryout, broke a stick in season, or simply have a birthday you forgot about. We will be offering two levels of speed pass timelines, ships in 3 business days and ships in 5 business days.

Stylin’ Strings is, and always has been, committed to our customer’s satisfaction. COO Justin Skaggs meticulously reviewed our production processes and evaluated how we could improve them and bring you more value. With the help of our website guru Nick Hendler, our internet processing was revised and streamlined, allowing us to proudly provide you the best pockets that we are known for, now faster than ever.

Our stick stringers stand behind every lacrosse pocket we create and are committed to excellence, ensuring that you continue to receive the same high quality stringing services throughout our entire portfolio of pockets.

Speed Pass service and/or other fees are subject to change in accordance to the order demand at Stylin’ Strings. Start dates for choosing Speed Pass options for heads sent in to be strung, or newly purchased unstrung heads begins the next business day to allow for adequate time for order processing. All weekend orders will be processed on monday morning as Saturday and Sunday do not count as normal business days for us. Due to the complex nature of dye jobs, we are not able to offer them at a rushed rate at this time. We look forward to stringing your next pocket, until that time, take care and keep laxin’.

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