Stylin’ Strings Lax Named Official Stringers & Dye Artists For Virginia Lacrosse, Part 2

Stylin’ Strings Lax Named Official Stringers & Dye Artists For Virginia Lacrosse, Part 2

This issue of Stylin’ Strings Lax Customs is Part 2 (Part 1) of our UVA stick series. This round of heads came in after our first consultations with some of the players over their Christmas break. Grab Two Saber’s, Get some Flow, and Twice the Showtime in this five stick rundown special.

When we met with the players our Inside Out Dye was very popular, this snapshot has the full V/swords logo peaking bottom right. Front and center is the debut of our version of the famous Rotunda with a Two-Color Fade. The middle was a special request out of our stock line of dyes, a Camo in UVA colors. The top right sneaking in the frame was our first Two Color Argyle with a little flare of an Inside Only Fade. Back left is for the clean-cut guys, and simple ballers out there.

The first up in the lineup is a Gait Showtime Inside Out Dye with a navy to orange fade highlighting the full V logo, and swords two color on the lip. This is a very difficult dye. It is strung with our Stylin’ Strings Trax pocket with ½ diamond outer channels instead of our coils. This allows the whole pocket to expand quicker.

This side view shows a nice deep pocket placed in the middle of the head. We raised the degree of difficulty by having just one orange saber on the back of the top lip on the white side of the head.

This next stick isn’t called the Gait Flow for no reason. If anyone has watched any Virginia games in HD this season you will see this thing scoring goals live and direct. Our version of the famous Rotunda replica has been a player favorite. The stick then fades to orange with a nice clean V/Sabres at the bottom of the head. These fit nicely into the Flow & Showtime heads.

This detailed close up shows how intricate the Two-Color Rotunda on the lip really is. The orange areas are supposed to represent the brick areas of the actual Rotunda on campus. See more of these complex Rotunda customs in Parts 3 & 4 coming soon.

This side view of our staple Mesh-X pocket was also strung with 1/2 diamond outer channels. It really cuts weeks out of the break in time by going with half diamonds over coils. We figured after the pockets 10th birthday we could start offering some tweaked options to mold it to any individual.

This Sabre was quite the challenge. This player wanted an Argyle Lip Fade, which is cool until we realized the lip on these have a groove that weaves up and down between every two top string holes. This made it quite the task, not to mention he only wanted the orange to white fade on the inside and the outside all navy.

Our traditional Trax pocket was strung with ½ diamond outer channels, which seems to be a common request. You can see rather than slicing the Argyle clean we let it wrap over for a different look.

The company favorite of this article is this Showtime that debut’s on defense. We will let it up to the imagination to figure out the rest. This is one of our favorite heads out of all the UVA customs so far.

The pocket is just a mesh replica strung to exact player specs. The pocket has orange top string, sidewall, white hard mesh, and white shooters with a striker.

Don’t be alarmed; we do work on simple sticks. Some players like to be more reserved with a simple number with a One-Color dye. He gave us the go ahead to make it just a hair different. We found a cool indent we chose to pin out with the bodyline in the side of the head.

This side view also shows a mesh pocket replica all white. Here you also get a better look at the simple pin job.

So there you have it Part 2 is over, at the time this article has published we are shipping Part 5 to UVA so stay tuned to more sweet wands. Again, Stylin’ Strings Lax would like to thank The University of Virginia for the opportunity and the contract naming us The Official Stringers & Dye Artists for 2012. Stay tuned to our facebook page for un-posted content and our website for newly available dye jobs. Use discount code LPGUVA2 to get 10% off any pocket or dye.
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