Stylin Strings Lax Dyed & Signed for Awareness

Stylin Strings Lax Dyed & Signed for Awareness

NOTE: At SS we know you can’t string mesh in a girl’s head. This is for Breast Cancer Awareness Only.

This dye job is from the SS Dye Li Lama Kumar who paved the way for Dustin to take custom projects to the next level. Keeping in mind that when Skaggs and him hosted the convention interview video for E-lax they would have as many professional lacrosse players and coaches sign the stick to make it a one of a kind stick that would raise awareness.

With most of the head having to maintain white for signatures, while keeping a feminine feel, this dye would have to maintain very simple accentuations. The guys happened to notice by accident that this STX Nova had a natural ribbon shape at the bottom of the stick and decided to mask this off to be a bright fuscia ribbon. Kumey then started one strip around the back peripheral of the head in a reverse cut technique, which would end up with a vine look with a few custom leaves attached.

What made this two color dye job so difficult was covering the entire stick with glue so no air bubbles would let fuscia or a lighter pink called rose to leak thru when dipped in boiling dye. It’s a minor detail but a second color pink was used to add to tiny ribbons on the inside of the head.

When it came time to string the head Dustin gave Justin (Skaggs) the idea to go against the rule and put white mesh in the stick so a pink shooting string could be woven in a ribbon shape since it would not be used in actual play.

The stick was an attraction at the convention receiving notable signatures of a who is who list in Lacrosse.

Joe Walters • Matt Danowski • Nick Polanco • John Gagliardi • Quint Kessenich • Paul Gait • Mark Millon • John Grant Jr. • Ryan Boyle • Matt Zash • Kyle Sweeney • Max Seibald • Brendan Mundorf • Ryan McClay • Brian Dougherty • Mike Pressler • Kyle Dixon

USA Womens
Sarah Albrecht • Michi Ellers • Caitlyn McFadden • Michele DeJuliis • Amber Falcone

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