Stylin' Strings Lacrosse is SUPPORTING THE CLIMB

Stylin' Strings Lacrosse is SUPPORTING THE CLIMB

For this issue of SS Lax Customs, Stylin’ Strings “Honored the Game” by completely customizing a Gait Torque to match the insignia of the Army’s Tenth Mountain Sustainment Brigade serving in Iraq.

This concept started with one of the shops local lacrosse clubs, Eastern York (PA) Knights and there commitment to the Positive Coaching Alliance. PCA’s goal of teaching life lessons through the sport of lacrosse meshed perfectly with the mission of America Supporting Americans. The Knights adopted this Army Brigade serving in Iraq and provided over 800 pounds of care package items this spring in addition to sending letters and cards.

The result of this relationship brought Stylin’ Strings Lax, PCA, ASA and the troops together thru the sport of lacrosse. “Reaching out to help others and serving those in need are invaluable life lessons that the Knights experienced thanks to this partnership” Head Coach Bob Rhein shared. The custom dye job represents more than just cool colors on a lacrosse head. It symbolizes the international relationship that can develop when lacrosse teams/clubs reach out to help those who are serving our great nation. For more information on how your lacrosse club can help those serving abroad contact Linda Patterson and mention where you read this article by Stylin’ Strings Lacrosse.

America Supporting Americans
(310) 459-5625
Linda Patterson
President & Founder

The Dye Job

This four color dye job was very intricate and challenging for Stylin’ Strings. The idea was to represent the Brigade logo as close as possible on the head. Dustin wanted it to have a gritty hand cut feel so he outlined the creative approach with Kris Kumar the old school dye master from SS. The base was white so the first task was to hand cut some mountain highlights on the inside sidewalls of the head. The head was then dyed all yellow. Pin striping the head and starting to add the intricate details was the next mission. Supporting the Climb was aligned on the top corners of the head. Then the outside of the mountain shapes were masked, the outline of the swords crossing at the bottom was set, and the Muleskinners Mule was placed on the ball stop.

After some details were cut into the mule, the head was dyed all gold. Tenth Mountain Sustainment Brigade was lettered on the outside and some very intricate detail was cut into the head to have it appear like the rope texture of the brigade logo and the axe on the top of the head. It was then dyed navy because Royal would not cover yellow and gold properly. The final step was the red dye to pop the swords out. We will leave this process a mystery for all the heavy dye enthusiasts. The all mesh pocket was the best choice for this head making its way overseas.

This was the first of many SS projects for our military and amazing causes. Stay tuned for more customs from or their facebook page at Also spread the word about this article and visit for more information how your organization can get involved.
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