STX Surgeon Marble Dye

Here is the latest Marble Dye Job from dyeing enthusiast and guest blogger, Michael Gialanella. It's pretty boss! Below is a written explanation of the dying process. He is using the new STX Surgeon head.

So I learned a few things last night working on this one.

1) The new plastic in the Surgeon with ACP (All Climate Performance) dyes with no problem.

2) Good things happen when listening to Tame Impala.

3) Despite my mom's claims that I'm not creative, I may have tapped into my grandfather's world champion duck carving skills with the way this turned out. Seriously, he's legit.

So, the process went really smoothly. The colors (in order) were Tangerine Orange, Rose Pink, Kelly Green with some Golden Yellow, Royal Blue and Mauve with some Wine mixed in. I dyed the strings and laces randomly. I usually clean up the stick and take off the ball stop, but because I cleaned off the ACP logo I left the ball stop on. A word of advice if someone wants to o tht route is to tape off the ball stop. I spent more time cleaning off the webbing on the ball stop than the whole head. I had a piece of STX Ruby Mesh around that needed to be put to good use. I gotta update to a Scandium Pro for the full STX project though (hint hint @TizzleSTX). I think this one is the trippiest jobs so far.

Contact Mike on Twitter if you have any questions. Also, let us know what you think in the comments section below.
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