STX Stallion U550

STX Stallion U550

The STX Stallion was one of their first high level head in a long time that wasn’t a Proton model a few years ago. A return to the “Forward Cante” design the Stallion U550 is a head made for those middie and out there looking to do it all. The U500 came out last year with a throat that was a little light so this year STX came out strong with the U550, improving the throat and making the head more solid all around.

Shape 9.5 out of 10

The Stallion is a favorite nation wide at all levels for a good reason, the shape is phenomenal. It lends itself to a Mid, Mid-High, or True High pocket for sure. Traditional attackmen who keep their sticks upright around the crease may not love this head but everyone else will. The game has evolved sticks aren’t carried as upright anymore and the guy who can only shoot overhand is a thing of the past, unless you’re Ryan Brown ripping 110mph and even he has a sidearm and underhand compliment. The shape of the Stallion U550 is great and slightly narrower than the U500 model but still comfortably Universal.

Scoop 10 out of 10

STX just really knows how to kill it on the scoop. I have found very few of their heads that don’t dominate when it comes to being versatile on a groundball. The ball slides right into place with the Stallion U550 scoop and so far I haven’t noticed any bobbled gb’s. Go in for the groundball confident when you are running with a Stallion U550.

Stiffness 10 out of 10

Throw the hammer, shoot as hard as you can, or drive through a groundball the Stallion isn’t going to budge. The Stallion U550 is so solid I could recommend it for close D or for someone shooting over 100mph, this head just kills it no wobble in the pass, no flexing for high release when shooting, just great consistency with the U550. And the beefed up throat for this year can handle all the punishment you can give.

Stringing 9.5 out of 10

The Stallion head line has always given me some trouble. Not sure why but placement of my knots has always been a bit of a decision and normally the second shot gives the perfect pocket I am looking for. The U550 gives you plenty of options and versatility and once you get it just right you will love the pocket you have in this head.

Durability 10 out of 10

The Stallion U550 is a tank and can handle punishment given or received. I’ve beaten this head up since the day I got it and other that some color’s that it has picked up along the way no damage is apparent on the head. I definitely feel confident saying this head is built to last.

Overall 9.8 out of 10

The Stallion U550 keeps everything middies have loved about it for years and adds in a massive improvement to the throat. There’s a reason the Stallion is a top end super popular head at all levels and the U550 is a perfect improvement to this line. I recommend it to anyone looking to improve their game.
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