STX New Exult 500 Head and Crux 500 Handle Review

STX New Exult 500 Head and Crux 500 Handle Review

STX challenged me to test their New Exult 500 (updated from the 2015 500 model) and Crux 500 handle.  STX markets the Exult as the stick for the elite midfielder.  Here’s the thing: I think it’s a great stick, but for any player.  I don't believe that one stick is better for one position, with the exception of needing a strong head for the draw.  A defender, midfielder and attacker all need to catch, throw, check and dodge. 

I was an avid and loyal fan of the STX Crux lacrosse head.  So when I received this Exult lacrosse head model, it had to be spectacular in order to impress me.  Honestly girls, it met the challenge.  Let’s go through some of the features:


The head is lightweight, pinched fairly tight (although I think the Crux head is more narrow which I like better because it gives the ball less opportunity to move around while playing), very sturdy and the angle of the scoop on top is awesome for ground balls. This could get players in serious trouble with their coaches because of how easy it is to pick the ball up standing straight up. Keep that back hand down for me still, ok? 


The stick features their new String Lock which seems to be working great so far.  All the STX sticks I’ve had in the past have become illegal so easily so I think this could be a great solution to that problem.


Mine is strung with the Runway pocket which is awesome because you don't have to do much to it to break it in.  It has a great sweet spot because of the 10-degree offset.  The 10-degree angle of the head keeps the ball at the top of the stick so the release is super quick and you have a ton of control.  The ball seems to come out very quickly which is great for shooting and feeding.


The Crux 500 shaft is pretty sweet too.  Mine is octagonal versus teardrop shaped.  It’s very lightweight and has a grippy feel to it which is awesome for rainy days. The shaft also has a built-in butt which just makes life a lot easier than trying to figure out ways to keep the butt on your stick.

Note: You can either buy the head and handle bundled or individually, depending on personal preference. Gone are the days of buying a stick off the wall without knowing you have customization options for the head and handle combinations. For example, another option for this head is the Exult 500 shaft (go figure), that is a scandium/titanium composite.  If you buy the head and handle as one unit, it will have the Composite-10 handle


Overall, this head and handle combo is great.  It’s especially great for elite level players who are looking to take their game to the next level.  I absolutely recommend it and look forward to playing with it more as I play and coach.

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