String King Type 3 Mesh Review

String King Type 3 Mesh Review

String King makes big improvements every year on their mesh. This year they improved on the Type 2 and Type 2+ in a couple of ways that you will notice right out of the box.




String King dropped the weight on this mesh yet again by using Twistex they were able to keep the rigidness that you want in your pocket while taking 15% of the weight out. One of the lightest meshes in the game for sure.



The Twistex is a way of weaving the fiber that creates a twisted lacing in the mesh. The twists give the mesh ridiculous hold to the ball while keeping a super fast release. No need to bag your pocket with this mesh.


Break In:

String King mesh is consistent here and you never really need to break it in with a String King set up.



Pick up the mesh November 6 and raise your game. Consistency is *King*.
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