String King Metal Review

String King Metal Review

String King put over a year into the Metal and Metal Plus shafts and for good reason. They conducted thousands of tests to make the lightest shafts on the market that will still hold up under hard play. They decided on metal over carbon for consistency.


Shape 10 out of 10

The String King handles have a perfect octagonal feel to them. No gimmicks, just right the handles feel like the original Kryptolytes from the early 2000’s. Those handles sold more than any other alloy handle in history and it was in part because of the shape.


Weight 10 out of 10

Literally the lightest shaft on the market and stronger than a Gait Ice, the String King Metal is the lightest lax handle in the market. As Matt Gibson says on YouTube, it could float away.


Durability 8 out of 10

The Metal is the lightest thing out there, and as a consequence it also takes some dents when you play. Not bad enough to take it out of commission but they happen. This is a shaft more geared towards the offensive player not throwing big heavy checks.


OVERALL 9.3 out of 10

Super light and pretty strong the String King Metal is reasonably priced at $99.99 and releases November 6th. Pick one up and give it a shot -- it’s a great light handle.
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