Striker Danger Skeleton Crew Theme Dye Job

Striker Danger Skeleton Crew Theme Dye Job

In my continuing efforts to use Striker Danger's apparel line for dye themes, I recently finished the Skeleton Crew. The shorts are mainly Black and White, so I wanted to continue that theme with the images they use.

This dye was fairly simple because I only had to deal with one color. However, the most time-consuming part was cutting the individual bone pieces out and placing them along the outer sidewall of the STX ProtonU.

I retained the skull with cross bones as the center piece of the head and made sure the spade and clover accented the head on the inside of the scoop respectively. Then was just a matter of getting the striker danger wording on there and doing a large SD where the ball stop would normally go.

The SD can be seen on the sublimated shorts throughout the shorts however I wanted to make a bolder statement.

To get your own pair of skeleton crew shorts go to and keep checking for more dyes to come. If you have a custom request, then please email me at and follow me on twitter @49KingDyes for tips and images of new projects.
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