Streaker Sports: Bo Don't Know Shirt + 1990 Syracuse Gear Tribute

Streaker Sports: Bo Don't Know Shirt + 1990 Syracuse Gear Tribute

As a young lad in back in 1990, I remember a lot of things about the lacrosse fashion scene. The one thing that sticks out the most is when the Bo Knows Nike ad campaign crept into the lacrosse scene. Only, the niche sport wasn't so fast to admit that Bo would likely whoop everyone with just a few hours of training. Regardless, the Bo Don't Know Lacrosse shirt was born at the height of the campaign hype just as one of the greatest college teams ever was peaking.


Gary Gait rocking a Bo Don't Know Lacrosse shirt on Syracuse's campus in 1990

Fortunately, Streaker Sports is bringing this puppy back to remember the 1990 team and their "Lost Championship." I'm definitely getting one. Here are some pics of the old 1990 gear along with what Streaker is offering now.


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