Stevenson's 2011 Maverik Maybach Gloves and Heads

Stevenson is gearing up for a memorable season in 2011. Today, we have their Green and Black Maverik Maybach gloves and an American flag dyed Maverik wand. Graduate Assistant Coach, Kevin Slafkosky, was kind enough to provide feedback on his team's new gear.

The Maverik gloves look great. We went with the Maybach line of gloves and arm pads for our guys, and they love ‘em. Maverik’s really come a long way from their apparel start, especially with their gear and sticks.

A couple of our guys have made an adjustment to the gloves to let their wrists breath more by adding a shooting string through the wrists on the palm. You know how laxers are with their gear, always making adjustments.

Finally, one of our freshman, Tony Rossi, just had one of his sticks dyed into the American Flag, and it looks amazing. I love America and so does he! Our squad is rocking the Frat and Rize heads with their H2 Scandium Titanium combo shafts.

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