Stay Strong Ttown Shirts

On April 27th Tuscaloosa, AL, home of The University of Alabama, was devastated by the worst tornado since the Great Depression. The disaster has since been declared a Class 1 Disaster, the same Classification as Hurricane Katrina and 9/11.

In an effort to raise relief funds for Tuscaloosa, Maxwell Koehler and Blake Morris designed these Tshirts and were fortunate enough to have them donated by the good people at Lacrosse Unlimited, Nike, and STX. 100% of sales will be donated to the University of Alabama Acts of Kindness Fund, which goes directly to tornado relief efforts. They are asking for a donation of $20 in exchange for one of these awesome shirts. While not required, they would appreciate if the buyer would cover shipping, so all proceeds can go to tornado relief.

If you would like a shirt please email with your name, size and shipping info, and they will reply with payment instructions. If you are in the DC area you can pick on up directly from Blake Morris.

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