Spyder Grypz Review

Spyder Grypz Review

Spyder Grypz are new, high quality lacrosse grips that I think are a big advantage over taping your stick.  Tape wear outs quickly, tears up your gloves, smells bad and is just a pain.  Spyder Grypz is another solution to this old problem.

The instructions that come with the Spyder Grypz for installation say to use a heat gun or a hair dryer for the installation.  Since I don't have a heat gun, I used a hair dryer. The first step is to place the Spyder Gripz where you want it on the shaft.  Optionally, place the included plastic rings or use electrical tape to set the texture that you want under the Spyder Gripz.  I used some electrical tape over the factory butt end to give me a smooth transition to the butt end.


Starting from one side (I started from the butt end side), slowly rotate the shaft while applying heat evenly so the grip begins to shrink and form to the shaft.



Using the hair dryer method was taking FOREVER, so I wouldn't recommend using a hair dryer, although it did apply well.  After about 15 minutes to get two inches shaped to the shaft, I gave up on the hair dryer.  To finish the installation, I held the shaft/Spyder Grypz a few inches over the open flame on my stove, slowly rotating the shaft. This work MUCH better and the entire rest of the installation took about 10-15 minutes, which wasn't bad at all.


Warning: I am a responsible adult. If you happen to be neither responsible nor an adult, please only use this method under the supervision of a responsible adult. Stoves and open flames are dangerous.


I then finished off the end with a bit of electrical tape to give a smooth transition going from the shaft to the grip.  I really liked the Spyder Grypz.  Once applied, it is pretty thin and fits perfectly on any shaft.  The grips are each about a foot long, which is a nice length that you can also cut to multiple pieces to add grip to different parts of the shaft (possibly at the top if you're a fogo).  The feel of the grip is awesome.  It has a soft feel with X patterns on it which gives you a ton of grip on your shaft, allowing you to have more power on shots and more control of your stick.  I used the grip in a few box games and it seems to have really good durability, I don't see this thing tearing anytime soon.

I'd highly recommend Spyder Grypz to anyone looking for a good quality grip to replace the tape on their lacrosse stick. It is available in several colors so you could customize the look of your stick and keep it legal if you are a face off guy.

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