Sponsored: Stylin Strings + Lacrosse Hub Dye Jobs and a Mini Giveaway! : SOSO 91

Sponsored: Stylin Strings + Lacrosse Hub Dye Jobs and a Mini Giveaway! : SOSO 91


Welcome to the 91st episode of the world renowned Ship Out Shout Out by Stylin Strings Lacrosse. This week we start off with a Dye job new for the year 2016 that has been requested quite frequently to express love for any cause that is personal to you followed by a perfectly strung StringKing Ustring pocket with East Coast Dyes Hero Strings. Up next we show some love to one of our customers who sent in a picture of DJ Khaled talking about brains and loyalty. Our Stick of the week is a double order that was dyed up for Lacrosse Hub in an STX Stallion U 550 and a Warrior Burn. Finally we announce our winner from last week's "Would you rather?" and announce this week's contest to win a custom Mini Fiddle stick.

Well that's all for this week, Until next time, Keep Laxin'

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