Sponsored: Stylin' Strings HeadStrong Hat Giveaway | SOSO 96

Sponsored: Stylin' Strings HeadStrong Hat Giveaway | SOSO 96


Welcome to the 96th episode of the world renowned Ship Out Shout Out by Stylin Strings Lacrosse. This week Mike-A-tron is back with only two weeks left until Justin takes his show back over and announces our winner of the Headstrong hat from last weeks giveaway. We start off this episode with two sticks dyed by Frankie Fingers in a Brine Clutch III and a Warrior Rabil 2X. The first is a Major League Lacrosse Denver Outlaws dye with a Cali Plus pocket to match using Stringking 2S black mesh. The second is a Maryland Flag lip with a Sniper pocket to match, this time using Stringking 3X mesh. Finally we end off our show with an STX Stallion U 550  with a ECD Replica Plus using East Coast Black Wax mesh and all red accents. Make sure to contact us if you win our contest as the prizes are piling up and we really wanna get these out to you guys. This week's prize is an East Coast Dyes St. Patrick's theme stringing kit for whoever gives us the best "Would you rather?" Well, that's it for this week and until next time Keep Laxin!

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