Sponsored Post: Stylin' Strings Coolest Mini Stick EVER! & matching custom lax pockets

Sponsored Post: Stylin' Strings Coolest Mini Stick EVER! & matching custom lax pockets


Welcome to the 93rd episode of the world renowned Ship Out Shout Out by Stylin Strings Lacrosse. This week Mike-A-tron is hosting again and congratulates last week's winner of the "would you rather?" contest. We start off with 2 of the newest heads from Maverick, the Tank. The first Tank is all white with a Maryland color themed LAS Reinforced Pita Pocket while the second is black strung with a Pita Plus with yellow leathers both by @tbird_sslax so you know they are spot on. Finally we end of the show with one of the coolest mini sticks to come out of the studio. It is a Maverick Mini Juice Jr. with a red / white & black Custom Camo dye by @frankie_fingers_lax and strung with East Coast Dyes Black striker Hero Mesh. We have another would you rather this week to consider so make sure to leave your comments in the section below to win a custom tradition stringing kit. Remember to vote for Mike if you wan to see him host more Ship Out Shout outs in the future and to leave your comments on our youtube page and follow us on all of our social media Snapchat, InstagramTwitterYoutube, and Facebook.

Well that's all for this week, Until next time, Keep Laxin'

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