SOSO 60: Mad Minis Yo, Rad STX Shield, Mike falls, and We turn 60

SOSO 60: Mad Minis Yo, Rad STX Shield, Mike falls, and We turn 60

Check out Stylin Strings latest Ship Out Shout Out. In this week's installment #InternMike and Justin have some rivalrous banter after having strung countless Mini Sticks. We start off this episode highlighting a Nike Lakota with two color fade East Coast Dyes Mesh to match, then we have an STX Proton Power 2 strung with a Cali Plus with East Coast Mesh. Next Justin shows off an STX" target="_blank">STX Shield with a G-Pro pocket with Throne of String Goalie Mesh. We wrap up this episode not having done the LEGO contest as our hosts keep forgetting after stringing almost 150 custom mini and Goalie mini sticks with Jimalax soft mesh for Amped Up Apparel who you may see at one of many lacrosse tournaments they will be selling them at this Summer. Stay tuned for next weeks episode where we see if this LEGO" target="_blank">Lego contest will finally happen. Until next week take care and keep Laxin' WOOOOOH!

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