SOSO 58: Snapping shafts, Dope Evo 4s &the Draw off

SOSO 58: Snapping shafts, Dope Evo 4s &the Draw off

Check out Stylin Strings latest Ship Out Shout Out. In this week's installment the whole staff gets in on the action of breaking aluminum shafts over their heads. This week we feature a Warrior Evo 4 HS with an East Coast Dyes Replica Pocket as well as two STX Surgeons, one in Mike's favorite color neon green both with Lacrosse Allstars pockets strung by Notre Dame's very own stringer T-Bird.The first Surgeon is strung with a LAS College Legal 6 Box, while the other had an LAS College Legal Pita. Next we show off the newest addition, "Stylin Strings Originals' Limited Edition Dyes". We started of the Originals Series with a run of 4 Avengers Dyes based on the newly released summer blockbuster. Finally we have the Draw Off for you to between Skaggs and "Irish Mike" for you to vote on. Check out and make sure to cast your vote for Justin's drawing of Colin at The Lacrosse Network, or Mike-A-Tron's "thriller" version of Joe from Throne of String. Stay tuned for more SOSO fun next week and don't forget "Keep Laxin'".

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