A look at Duke's Brine Shakedown gloves

Playoff time calls for extreme measures. Brine's new Shakedown gloves for the Blue Devils are of course lightweight and fresh, but there are other features that you might find intriguing.

The Brine Shakedowns are made with stress and water proof layering termed as "Elephant Skin". Elephant Skin is the textually unique coating on the backhand of the glove.

The glove is made with a texturized PU, which gives the glove a lot of toughness and should provide extra protection from the hard hitting opposition. At the same time, the material handles moisture well.

In other words: Stronger, moisture resistant, but still lightweight.

The colorway is spot on. Silver, blue, and white is kind to the eye while adding a bit of flare to Duke’s uniform. We’ll see how proven the glove is when Duke battles the Juice this Saturday at noon.

And the Blue Devils aren't the only ones sporting new Brine gear this May. You can check out Brine's whole new product line at the Brine booth this weekend in Foxboro.

Check out the pic below and let us know what you think of Brine's new gloves.

Duke's Final Four Brine Shakedown gloves
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