SidelineSwap's March Madness

SidelineSwap's March Madness

With NCAA Basketball’s March Madness on their minds, the guys at SidelineSwap started thinking… “What if there was a national tournament for gear?”

Who would win and what would happen along the way? Could a U13 team with sick custom uniforms upset a top college team that went with a more classic look? Or could a washed up men’s club team from the Midwest make a Cinderella run and knock out a High School powerhouse from the East Coast?

We are about to find out.

SidelineSwap, in partnership with Lacrosse Playground, is getting ready to crown this year's National Champion of Gear.

Here’s how it works… You submit your team’s photos, we seed the bracket. Each day we’ll post a round of matchups on SidelineSwap’s new contest page. And at the end of it all we’ll have our National Champion of Gear!

Pride is on the line, but that’s not all. Winners will receive prizes from ours sponsors: Streaker Sports, UniformSwag, and Mass Mesh. (See below for more details.) The champion will also receive an engraved plaque to display in their locker room.

You can submit them to or @sidelineswap on Twitter or Instagram. Be sure to include your team name, where you’re from, and who made your gear. The deadline for entries is 8pm EST on Sunday, April 7.

How it works
Next Tuesday, will debut its new contest page where the bracket and daily matchups will be displayed. Fans and players can vote on each matchup. At the end of each round of voting the winners will be announced and advance to the next round. The losers go home empty handed.

All teams from all levels are eligible enter. Entries are already pouring in from all over the country, including teams at the youth, high school, college, and men’s club levels.

When the entry period ends Sunday at 8pm, SidelineSwap and Lacrosse Playground will seed the teams. Brackets will be posted Tuesday morning. And the first round of voting will start at 3pm on Tuesday.

Once voting starts, get out your laptops, phones and tablets. Call your teammates, your grandma and your long lost cousin. Every vote counts.

All is fair in love and lax. This is SidelineSwap, where gear rules all.

Rules and Regulations:
1. Send a picture of your team’s gear via email to, Or submit your entry via Twitter or Instagram by tagging @sidelineswap in your post.

2. All teams from every level are eligible to enter.

3. The deadline for entries is 8pm Sunday April 7.

4. Brackets will be posted on on Tuesday April 8.

5. Voting begins at 3pm on Tuesday April 8.

6. Each round of voting will be open for 24 hours. Voting periods end at 3:00 pm the following day.

7. One loss elimination. Winners advance to the next round.

8. OVERTIME: In the case of a tie, overtime will be decided on Twitter. We’ll tweet an image of each team with their name and info. The team with the most retweets wins. Tweets will be posted at 3:30 pm and the overtime period will last until 10:00pm the same day.


First Prize: A grab bag from Streaker Sports including custom shorts (Princeton and Johns Hopkins), shirts, and other Streaker goodies.

First Runner-Up: UniformSwag Shirt and SidelineSwap Snapbacks. A “Look Good. Play Good.” t-shirt from @UniformSwag and a Snapback from SidelineSwap.

Second Runner-Up: A five-piece mesh set from Mass Mesh including 2 pieces of standard, 2 pieces of Ultralight, and 1 piece of their unreleased 6d mesh.

*Prizes are awarded to the person who submits the team’s gear. If more than one person per team submits photos, we’ll use the best pictures. The prize will go to the person whose photos were used.

Follow along on and Lacrosse Playground.
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