Rukket 4x4 Net and Target Rejector Bundle

Rukket 4x4 Net and Target Rejector Bundle

One annoying thing about pretty much any lacrosse goal is that it's a pain to take anywhere. The guys at Rukket, who make targets for lots of different sports and mainly known for their golf training tools, recently made a 4x4 lacrosse net and a target that goes on it. I put this set to the test.


The setup of both the goal and target were extremely easy and only took me about 5 minutes total. It already comes about half assembled and then you just need to finish putting it together. Attaching the optional rejector target is easy and you just need to attach a few velcro pieces around it and optionally put on some included bungie cords.


The first thing that I noticed when shooting on this goal was that it didn't feel very stable at all.  Because of its flexibility, the whole goal seems to move, especially on fast shots. Using the included stakes helped a little bit with this but it was still a bit of an annoyance that the entire goal would move after each shot.  Another small complaint I had but definitely not a deal breaker, was that I think the size is a tiny bit off from 4x4 (mainly due to the flexibility of the goal and it not standing perfectly square).

The included rejector target has the four corners cut out as well as a small hole about the size of a ball directly in the center.  These corner targets are the perfect size to work on sniping shots, but where I had a lot of fun was the small middle hole.  Like the Thompson Brothers grew up shooting on, it helps you work on your accuracy a lot and is quite challenging trying to thread the ball through there with a high speed shot.

One thing that really impressed me about this goal was the durability of it.  Because of it's flexibility, the entire goal absorbs the impact of the shot.  This prevents the net from ripping while still allowing the entire thing to be very light weight.  The rejector net seemed like it could take a pretty decent beating, although while testing it mine got a small tear on one of the seams.


The best thing about this set is how portable the entire thing is. In only three quick motions that take about 30 seconds, the entire goal folds into a flat triangle.  Combining this with how light it is, this thing can go anywhere.  It can easily fit in the back seat or trunk of a car, in a dorm room, apartment or anywhere with limited space.  Its super easy to carry around and take to wherever you can shoot.  Moving around a standard size 4x4 goal (although easier than a 6x6) could be a pretty big pain, and taking the Rukket goal anywhere is a breeze.  It even comes with a carrying case for moving it around and storage.



Although this may not be the best goal choice for everyone (probably advanced players with room to store a full sized metal goal), the Rukket 4x4 goal and rejector is a great option for many people.  I'd highly recommend it for kids just learning the game as it is easy for them to improve on without having to spend as much money, while still performing at a level good enough for them.  Also, I'd recommend it to anyone with limited space or anyone who needs a goal that is quite portable.
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