RipNet Lacrosse Technology Contracts Stylin’ Strings Lax

RipNet Lacrosse Technology Contracts Stylin’ Strings Lax

For this issue of Stylin’ Strings Customs we solidified a creative marketing partnership with RipNet, a new lacrosse technology that is like no other. We wanted to take their logo and make a stick that matches how unique the platform of RipNet is. Here is a look at the two complete chopped customs and a new lacrosse technology that has the potential to change the game.

We did an STX Super Power (top right) and a DeBeer Rapture, custom themed heads to match the RipNet brand. We modified the logo just a hair to fit the top of each of the respective heads. We decided to do one of our 3 color glue dyes but constrain in to just the outside of the head which elevated the complexity of the dye. On the inside of the heads we repeated different sizes of the RipNet icon in white and red.

This picture shows a close up of the Super Power dye job with our staple Stylin’ Strings Mesh-X pocket with half diamonds. Both of these themed options are available for sale as exact replicas to what you see in this article. The top right shows a nice angle of the pocket.

RipNet decided to pair up these two one-off-customs with high-end shafts to model these shooter sticks after the base principal their lacrosse technology stands for. This men’s head was put on an STX Alliance 85.

This close up shows the Stylin’ Strings Gripper Pro Girl String pocket in a RipNet theme.

The DeBeer Rapture was paired with an all black composite TRX shaft.

Here is just a cool picture of the twins in the photography studio at the Strings Headquarters. Next you will read and see a quick look at the RipNet lacrosse technology.

RipNet is everything lacrosse. It’s a web and mobile tool that helps players focus and develop their offensive skills, an extensive social network for lacrosse players, and a life style. Lacrosse is a game of respect, and in order to respect lacrosse a player must understand his game.

RipNet lets you manually track your shots, goals and assists, and then break down your stats to learn your offensive tendencies and abilities. It provides weekly instructional videos that don’t just teach you how to shoot, but how to beat a goalie from one of the best to play the game. It puts the game in your hands and molds you into an offensive weapon.

The lacrosse community is becoming flatter and RipNet helps players connect with that community. Check on all your lacrosse friends across the country and see how their season is progressing in their profiles. Get all the lacrosse news you can handle, bring up topics that are important to you in the first-ever players only forums, and view leaderboards and players of the week to find out who is the largest offensive force in lacrosse.

Although a player technology first, RipNet branches out to coaches, parents and recruiters also. The ability for a coach to view their team’s analytics as a whole, a parent’s contribution to goal, shot and assist tracking for their children, and the understanding a college recruiter obtains of a specific player’s offensive game all come together to create the ultimate lacrosse experience in RipNet.

So that’s a wrap, a Stylin’ Strings Lax & RipNet collaboration. Check out and
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