Rip The Duck Dye Job

For this head I based it off of my boys apparel company, Striker Danger, who created a unique line of shorts with the theme Rip the Duck. STX also has some apparel out with this same line and that will be incorporated into my next project so stay tuned. As you can see from the pictures the most tedious part was the individual cutting of each duck. However before I started that portion I dyed the top half of the head a Neon Yellow and the bottom half a Baby Blue.

Then I began the long process of cutting and placing each individual duck. I included my boys company Striker Danger on the head on each side to get two different color affects as well as adding a fade with the Navy Blue and Red on top. The final portion which did not end up as perfect as I would have liked was taking a page from the last head I did by covering the inside scoop and cutting out the letters to expose the head to the Black dye. Unfortunately, like a I said no dye is always perfect and as you can see the 'k' was slightly effected. However you can still read it and overall it came out pretty nice.

Live and learn by your mistakes and make notes so you don't repeat the same mistakes again. The head is going to be some kind of giveaway from Striker Danger so check them out on Facebook. I have some new projects in the works for a Team Jesse fundraiser at the Bump and Grind tournament in Florida. For questions or comments email me at or follow me on twitter at @49KingDyes.

Matt Hickman graduated from Georgetown Prep (’04) and then went on to star at Salisbury University (’08). He now runs King Dyes while also working for Performance Lacrosse Training in Bethesda, Md.

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