Under Armour Command Head Review

Under Armour Command Head Review

The Under Armour Command head is honestly nothing like what they have released before. Every other head that UA has released, they all had that kind of distinct look where everyone could tell that it was an Under Armour head. The Command is different, they took a different design approach but it is still obviously an Under Armour head. To me, it looks sleeker. The throat isn’t as jagged and fits very snuggly on to most shafts I tried to put it on. Sometimes too snuggly, it was very difficult to put on a Gait 803 and an ECD Focus.

When I picked up the head, it was literally everything a short stick defensive midfielder could ever want. Light, super stiff, a wider but still offensively geared face shape. It’s really a great head for every player. The offset is aggressive and this might be the most offset UA head in their lineup. Also, the offset really gives a great mid pocket. In light of the start of the NLL season I strung mine with a baggy pocket that I fell in love with right away.

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I never really knew what Glide Scoop Technology was, I actually thought it was kind of gimmicky. I’m normally playing on turf fields in college and there are never really any problems with ground balls. Playing on a grass field was when I noticed how useful Glide Scoop Technology was. I played on a horrible grass field in high school (it was more like a farm) and I broke so many heads from patches of grass catching my stick on a groundball. I went back to my high school to test this head and it was a dream come true (still crappy fields, btw). GB’s were the easiest I have ever had to get while using this head. Like I said before, this is a SSDM’s dream.

Under Armour always surprises me with their aggressive style of heads. I think the smallest thing that I really liked was the fact that they are branding the heads at the top of the scoop now. Love the look.

Final thoughts: This is a versatile head shape that's acceptable for all positions short of tending goal.

Pocket is ECD Hero Mesh and Hero strings

Pattern is nine diamond Mainely Mesh variant topstring starting on the second hole, on the third hole, tie, skip, I, skip, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, skip, I, top off. Bottom string is on the ten diamond row and it's a weird bottom string that I learned from That_Kiwi_Guy on instagram.
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