Review: Gait Torque

The Gait head debuted over five years ago, but is still going strong according to our friend and blogger at Check out what he has to say.
Here is something I am passionate about! The Gait Torque lacrosse head! It seriously is in my opinion the BEST head in the game!
For many reasons:

The multiple stringing holes- Really awesome opportunities for stringing the; Mesh, Traditional, and Custom Pockets. I have had a lot of experience with the Torque and also stringing on all heads. Stringing the mesh pocket is great because you can choose the hole that matches the hole on the mesh.

Durability and Weight- The Torque is uber light and one of the most durable heads. Especially the strength to weight ratio is great. A lot of Long-pole Middies come in and ask for a head that will keep the weight down on their stick but keep the strength, this is perfect for that.

Good sized pinch- It does not have an extreme pinch like the STX Proton Power. The Torque does have enough pinch to give plenty of hold and advantage with the ball but doesn’t affect the catching ability.

Pinched Scoop- My personal favorite positive thing about this head is the top wall/scoop. The top has sort of a “V” pinch. It is really awesome for scooping. The V pinch makes scooping from different angles work awesome, as well as doing “Indian Grabs” and other tricks.

I did leave a few things out. Just trying to show how a head that came out roughly in 04-05 still has what it takes to be Boss over most of the many new popular heads.

Look for more reviews by very soon.
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