ReLAX PRO 5.0 Lacrosse Ball Refurbisher Kit Review

ReLAX PRO 5.0 Lacrosse Ball Refurbisher Kit Review

Everyone hates dealing with greasers.  You can’t accurately play with them and they hurt if you or your goalies get hit with them, essentially making them useless. There’s lots of new products on the market such as the Guardian Pearl and the ECD Mint balls that never become greasers, but especially when you have a ton of lacrosse balls it could get very expensive to replace all of them with these new non-greasers. I personally had a whole bucket filled with old greasers and tested out the ReLAX PRO 5.0 Lacrosse Ball Refurbisher Kit and was very impressed with the results.

Setup of the ReLAX was very easy. It took less than five minutes and all I had to have for it was a five gallon bucket and a drill. The inside of the bucket has a round circular piece at the bottom which holds the main rod with high grit sandpaper on it as well as around the sides of the bucket.

Actually using the resurfacer is also very easy. All you have to do is toss up to six greasers into the bucket, close it and connect it to the drill and run it for about 45 seconds to a minute. Once you take the balls out, you just need to brush the dust off of them and they're almost good as new. I noticed that around 15 touches of wall ball after each ball is refurbished and it feels nice and grippy.

I was very impressed by the results of the ReLAX ball resurfacer. Even old greasers that used to be automatically tossed in the woods to never be found again can be turned to like new again which really impressed me. For less than $60, I think the ReLAX is a great value since you can save hundreds on new expensive lacrosse balls by resurfacing old ones. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who has a ton of old crappy lacrosse balls or to coaches and program directors who can't afford to continuously purchase new lacrosse balls for their team.  Below is a picture of an old greaser and how it came out of the ReLAX in less than a minute or so. This ball alone should prove this but I was able to resurface an entire bucket relatively quickly.


Before                                                                               After
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