Red Dawn Winter: Jackets, Coats and Winter Essentials

Once again your legends of the Fall have come to their end and it’s time to hunker down and prepare for another relentless Winter. Last year the East coast was hammered by intense snowstorms of epic proportions and judging by YESTERDAY it appears the same thing is happening again. This year you would be wise to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to winter apparel so you don’t get caught with your pants down again. Putting climatic issues aside, with threats of global and domestic tensions rising, will you be ready if things make a turn for the worse and shit really does hit the fan? I didn’t think so. Go rent Red Dawn and call me in the morning.

All jokes aside, I was pretty skeptical when I heard they were re-making one of my favorite 1980’s action movies starring the late Patrick Swayze and the great Charlie Sheen.

But now it seems relevant to cinematically document the change of American villains from the Russkies to emerging global powerhouse China. I don’t know how the movie will turn out, however in the original there were several winter oufits that in my opinion have resurfaced as popular trends worth following in the latest stages of 2010 and beyond.

Searching through various trend periodicals and LA boutiques I came across a Swedish company named Fjallraven that makes Winter coats that put most others to shame. Fjallraven came into existence in the 70’s and gained some acclaim for their bubble shaped designed mountaineering technical jackets. Due to the populace’s retro obsession, brands like them are coming back into favor. What I really like about them is that they sell sturdily built winter military jackets that you can slather their special Greeenland wax on. Yes that’s right, they sell a wax to put on your canvas jacket so it performs better in the Winter by sealing out moisture and cold air. I don’t know how exactly to do it or if it works real well but it’s an awesome concept and seems to keep the Inuit alive. So if you’re like most people and refuse to pay 350 bucks for a superior coat, then buy a nice vintage military jacket for less, layer appropriately and buy the wax.

G1000 Fabric Greenland

Greenland Wax

Speaking of military coats and jackets, I came across some uber cool German tactical jackets on an oddly named Deutsch Army surplus website( I was like “well weird site name but these jackets are cool and I wish I could have some”. They are especially cool since they are the real life version of all these pussy designers’ clothes that dash on epaulets on dainty button downs and popular women’s jackets. Oh…. wait I wear epaulets too. Anyway these tactical jackets look like things I would definitely buy:

M65 Regiment Jacket

Tasmanian Tiger Arizona Jacket

To fill out the list here are some choice looks from up-and coming designer Dana Lee of NY. They have a rad styling department and perfectly hone a cozy vintage ethos in their well crafted garments.

This guy has the look of the French foreign exchange student who is weird but still a good time and likes to party. Or maybe the Ivy League laxer from the 80’s who is studying to be an electronic engineer.

Last but not least since we are on the topic of tactical wear let's not forget to mention boots. Worn correctly one of these pairs is the right compliment to most utilitarian winter looks.

Danny McCormick is a featured blogger for Lacrosse Playground covering style and fashion. Born in Maryland and raised in Virginia, Danny lived an East Coast laxer lifestyle while attending the Landon School, and the University of Maryland before eventually heading out to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams in entertainment and fashion. While working his way up the LA food chain he has served as an assistant to some top stylists, decorated sets for commercials, films, and photo shoots, and works as Adrenaline Apparels Art Director and Eco consultant. After injuring his knee on Halloween doing a complex yet unrehearsed dance sequence, he has ruled out the chance of a lacrosse come back. But if asked if he would do it again the answer is hell yes.
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