Ranking the New PLL Uniforms

Ranking the New PLL Uniforms

The PLL just released their new Champion uniforms.

A quick, but definitive ranking guide.

The Best


Most unique whites of the bunch while still being very on brand.

Is that a sponsor patch?



The Middle

Redwoods, Chrome, Cannons, Waterdogs


These feel the most similar to the previous version as such they can't be complimented or criticized.


The multi color sleeve and short trim is a nice upgrade on what appears to be the go to template for 2023. We'll have a tricky time reading player names thanks to that teal font on the white uniforms.


One hundred percent convinced we'd seen something like that decoration on a previous MLL jersey and was thrilled with the crossover. After a brief Google search, it was a figment of our imagination.


Like the Redwoods, very little looks different.

The Worst

Atlas, Archers, Whipsnakes


This sleeve trim is nearly identical to the Hopkins UA tops.


Mildly distracted by the font differences on the logo on the front and the player name and number on the back.

The bigger issue is it looks like an unfinished ringer tee that didn't get approved by a Pac Sun executive or rather the shirt from Napoleon Dynamite.


Someone said it looks like And 1 shorts from 2004.

The shoulders give off those early day Maverik uniform templates.

Is this the year they sell a limited release of long sleeve uniforms?

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