Powell Frontier Mesh Review

Powell Frontier Mesh Review

Everyone in the lacrosse community knows that the Powell brothers were one of the most prolific families in lacrosse history, who all dominated the game when they played at Syracuse University and then onto their pro careers in both field and box.  Now that the brothers are all retired from playing professional lacrosse, they now run their own lacrosse company, making beautiful equipment that is inspired by their travels, nature, their hometown of Carthage, NY and designed with all of their knowledge of the game.


The latest new stuff coming from the Powell brothers is their new Frontier Mesh, which I was able to test out.  I strung it up using HP Powerlace (review coming this week!) and LaxRoom Level 8 shooters in a custom Powell Pioneer head that I dyed with a Syracuse theme using LaxDip (Navy Blue and Pumpkin Orange). I put the head on a Powell Bloodline Sci-Ti shaft to complete the whole Powell setup which looks sick!!


Stringing Frontier Mesh was pretty easy in the Pioneer.  The Pioneer has a great face shape and decent sized stringing holes, allowing me to string my usual shifty mid pocket pretty easily.  The Frontier Mesh is really responsive when stringing it so as you're coming up with patterns you'll see quickly if a specific knot in a specific place in the pocket will work for what you want to do.


The Frontier Mesh performs quite well, having several things about it which stand out from other meshes.  It has a bit of elasticity to it, so the pocket sort of stretches when you catch the ball, feeling very nice.  The mesh also is very grippy, giving you a ton of hold and feel of the ball once it is in the pocket.  Although it is semi-soft, the pocket has great shape retention and your pocket's shape won't change, giving you a consistent feel knowing where the ball is going to sit.  The best thing about Frontier Mesh is how it performs in bad weather. Even completely soaked, the pocket stays the same and throwing or hold are not effected at all by the weather, which is really nice for me in Buffalo since the weather here sucks about nine months of the year.


One of the coolest things about Frontier Mesh is all the amazing colors that it is available in.  As you could see the colors are very deep and vibrant.  They really pop, giving any stick a great look to it.  The colors available are Glacier Ghost White, Crow Feather Black, High Pine Green, Owl Eye Yellow, Deep Blood Red, Trail Blaze Orange (which is what I strung on this Pioneer) and my favorite, Cold River Blue.


Frontier Mesh comes in at the affordable price of just $15 for a piece, making it a bit cheaper than other meshes on the market.  Another cool thing is if you buy it in three, five or ten packs, the mesh gets even cheaper.  Overall, I was pretty pleased with the Frontier Mesh and would recommend it to anyone looking for a semi-soft mesh that has a bit of elasticity, while still staying consistent in all weather conditions, especially if you want some sick colors.

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