Pockets to Go by Stylin’ Strings

Pockets to Go by Stylin’ Strings


For over 4 years we have been making fully customized stringing kits under the name Pockets To Go by McPockets.com. Now that we are honing in all of our brands we are redesigning our header cards to be re-released as Stylin’ Strings Pockets To Go. Before we switch, we thought it would be good to pay our respects to the original packaging.

Since 2008 our kits have flown under the radar. Here you will see my (Dustin – owner/creative director) original design with our boy KP, we will be running a contest below to see if anyone can figure our what his name is. Displayed here is the To Go window and we offer 24-hour access to over 6 billion string & mesh combinations. Let your imagination run wild.


This is just a close up of our original header cards with our custom ball stops we have had since inception of this product.


This picture just reiterates how your kit should express your own creativity if its school colors or just a bunch of crazy neon colors.


The next 6 pictures just show that we have something for everyone from the Men’s Mesh kit, Goalie Mesh Kit, Men’s traditional, Women’s traditional, Women’s Runway, & Women’s Gripper Pro.







Ok so here the contest is. Like this article and share the second image with Since 6.9.08 big on top. First person to comment and post KP’s (The Cartoon Character) name on the LPG site article & Facebook will win a kit to their specs. First person to comment his name on SS facebook will also win a kit. That person cannot be the same person.

Also, if you share the image you will also be eligible to win a kit. Any participants must be friends with Stylin’ Strings Lax & LPG to be eligible for prizes. Contest ends 8.29.12 a little over 4 years from when we launched these. You might also want to save your header card if you win since these will be a classic in a few years. Check us out at www.stylinstrings.com and if you are not our friend yet you must be to be eligible for the contest. Friend us at http://www.facebook.com/StylinStringsLacrosse.
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