PLL Retro Jersey Power Rankings

PLL Retro Jersey Power Rankings

Sure the league has only been around for a few years so the idea of throwback uniforms seems a little weird. But, as the 2021 season concluded, it was still strange that the league hadn't introduced alternate uniforms yet. European soccer clubs drop alternate uniforms every year. College football and basketball drop alternate uniforms every year.

Last week, the PLL surprised us with retro jerseys. They followed up the porthole mesh reveal with retro logos and graphics. We already ranked the logos.

A few additional thoughts before we rank the jersey.

First of all, it was a really cool forty eight hours. It was exciting and fun. The partial commitment was a slam dunk.

The number one fear heading into the games was that the numbers would be hard to read. For some reason the Atlas uniform number did not have an outline which would have been more television friendly. At one point, Carc teased Cotter about wanting easy to read uniform numbers. That's not a joke. The play by play announcer needs to be able to read the uniform numbers. The television viewer needs to be able to read the uniform number.

Lacrosse players wear helmets. We don't know what these people look like unlike basketball and soccer. Having jerseys with identifiable numbers on the front and back makes a lot of sense.

Ultimately, the jerseys were good enough to be seen.

Why any team has a white jersey is still a little confusing. Color on color games is far more interesting television. Reduce the number of games in white jerseys. Very easy to do. The Cannons can wear a blue uniform, a red uniform, and a grey uniform. The Chaos can wear a red uniform, a black uniform, and a grey uniform. The Whipsnakes can wear a red uniform, a green uniform, and a grey uniform. And so on.

Next, why didn't they have retro helmets?

They didn't need to order new helmets. Would have been awesome though. They could have just as easily spent $10 and ordered retro helmet stickers.

Next, why didn't they have retro shorts?

They wore their practice shorts from training camp. Would it have been hard for matching shorts? Would it have been hard to give everyone white mesh shorts with the retro logo?

They sold out the retro jerseys on the webstore within a day. Maybe less. Who knows how many they made but a sell out is always a good thing.

Why haven't they put those logos on performance apparel or any apparel to sell yet?

You want to charge $45.99 for a long sleeve performance shirt with the retro Whipsnakes logo on the upper left chest. Sold. Sold twice.

This was a shape of an awesome idea. We can't wait to see what they do next. To the rankings.

Redwoods - The Green Bay Packers comps were warranted. Those are also perfect tops.

Chaos - Maybe a little less frilly sleeve design. They should always have a black uniform.

Waterdogs - Purple base with white numbers would have been the best of the bunch. Loss of points since they had the same base as the Chaos.

Archers - Ty Xanders mentioned he thought their uniforms looked pink. Should have gone with a navy base and white numbers.

Cannons - By far the best looking of the whites. Could have been top two if they had gone with a navy or red base.

Whipsnakes - Not giving us the teal/sea foam green/Miami Dolphins green base was heartbreaking.

Chrome - White base with baby blue numbers and a pink outline. Why not go grey here or really go nuts and bring in actual pink tops? Uninspired and essentially one degree more interesting than last place.

Atlas - Much like their logo, this design seems rushed and incomplete. You couldn't get a second color on there at all?

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