Player Uses Custom Artwork to Spice Up Arm Guards

We always encourage our readers to send us anything creative they do with lacrosse gear. And one of the members of the Lacrosse Playground community, Devin Maxwell, sent along some killer pics of Maverik Dynasty Supreme Arm Guards that his buddy (who is an artist) helped kick up a notch.

The artist is Lorenzo Martinez, who customized the arm guards with a Los Angeles theme since Devin is from Los Angeles. The left arm has a beach theme with the ocean, sand, and palm trees. The right arm guard has a silhouette of the city of Los Angeles with a sunset in the back ground. The top of one arm guard says “Lost” and the other says “Angels.” The middle of the arm guards has a random green and gold flow design, representing Devin’s current team colors.

Martinez used acrylic paint, markers, and ink pens for the design, and Devin says the work should withstand rain and sweat, and he’ll be testing the arm guard’s durability in an upcoming tournament.

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