Penn State Men's Lacrosse STX 2011 Assault Gloves, APs, AGs, Cells

Penn State has a fluid Navy/White colorway running throughout their 2011 Assault equipment from STX. The STX Assault line primarily consists of High Def Polymer.

The STX Assault glove is made with High Def Polymer for lightweight protection. It is equipped with direct inject impact ribs for increased protection on fingers, back of hand and wrist. There is also a five-part knuckle design and four-part split thumb for increased hand and finger flexibility.

Four-part cuff for maximum wrist mobility as well as a new moisture-wicking inner liner for unmatched comfort.

STX 2011 Assault Arm Guard. Penn State mascot, Nittany Lion, bottom corner. Much like the other padding in the Assault line, the arm guards have High Def Polymer providing ultra-lightweight protection.

STX 2011 Assault Arm Pads.

Assault Cells. These are on the small side which make them ideal for defensemen and big physical middies who don't expect to take a beating on the elbows.

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