Paul Rabil South Swell Signature Series Head Released

South Swell Sports released its first Signature Series head (for Kyle Harrison) last December. Available now is the second installment of South Swell’s Signature Series: Paul Rabil.

The retailer is working with athletes to develop their ideal pocket for a release of a series of sticks to give kids and opportunity to play with what their heroes are using on the field.

South Swell released the head on its Web site today. The Paul Rabil Signature Series Head – The Bull - is Pro Strung by the South Swell Team to Rabil's exact specifications and game ready right out of the box. The head is universal for both high school and NCAA. The pocket has a tight channel for the ball even with a wider dimension in the throat.

Paul’s take on his stringing style:
"My pocket is strung for your prototypical offensive player. The pocket is to be built 3/4 of the way up the stick, so that it rests along the "V" shooter. The reason I like the ball to rest on the shooting string is so that I have consistency in my throwing as well as whip for my shot. The biggest difference in the whip in my stick from others is that the shooters aren't tied tight; instead, the ball is just positioned to rest on them, providing a different release point. Finally, I leave the bottom strings loose so that when I do cradle the ball one-handed, the ball will sit down towards the throat of my stick, despite having a stick with a higher pocket.”

A limited edition of 50 strung heads will be released on Friday, March 26. Each head features a seal of authenticity by Paul Rabil.

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