2013 Warrior Rabil Hitlyte Shoulder Pad

2013 Warrior Rabil Hitlyte Shoulder Pad


The Rabil Hitlyte Shoulder Pad from the Paul Rabil Collection is the best in mobility and check-deflecting durability — Warrior's most advanced protection from the mind of Paul Rabil. Taking the bulk out of a player’s biggest piece of padding, Paul Rabil designed the Hitlyte SP to feel like you aren’t even wearing them.


Built with a New CAGE System construction for maximum airflow and flexibility and form-fitting mobility, plus a new ultra-low-profile with segmented shoulder caps for a minimized padding silhouette. From the mind of the game’s best player, to the most elite athletes out there, the Hitlyte is Warrior's most advanced shoulder pad yet. Visit our Facebook page to view the entire Rabil Hitlyte Shoulder Pad.

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