Part IV: US Lacrosse Convention Cascade Photos and Video

Part IV: US Lacrosse Convention Cascade Photos and Video

We hung out with a lot of old friends at this year's US Lacrosse Convention. And while making new ones along the way we came across very cool and innovative products. In this fourth installment of gear photos from the US Lacrosse Convention, however, is a brand everyone has come to love, Cascade.

We're already comfortable with Cascade, but we dug deeper to get a video description of the helmets from the motion picture Crooked Arrows, as well as video footage from HeadWrapz as they explained their new helmet decals on cascade products. One theme that will be seen a lot in 2012 is the Chrome facemask on a Cascade helmet. The MLL is one league that is going with Chrome facemasks for all of its teams. You are also looking at the unofficial helmet design for the newly minted Charlotte Hounds.

The majority of the helmets below are the popular Cascade Pro 7 model, whereas the other models shown are Cascade CPX-R. The CPX-R features bold protection and aggressive design. The R-Series shell and Seven Technology manages frontal impact and displaces energy to reduce the effects of G forces - a major cause of concussions.

HeadWrapz describes their new metallic print decals.

Check out the Cascade helmets used in the motion picture Crooked Arrows.

Here's a view of the HeadWrapz decals for the Major League Lacrosse helmets this Summer.

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