Part I: US Lacrosse Convention Photos and Notes

Part I: US Lacrosse Convention Photos and Notes

Billed as "the unofficial start to the lacrosse season," the US Lacrosse National Convention gathers the very best the sport has to offer, and provides the sport’s largest educational opportunity, with over 5,000 coaches, officials, program administrators and exhibitors in attendance each year. We met a lot of old friends as well as making new ones as we made our way to nearly every vendor. We also had the pleasure of capturing this great event in photos. Below are photos from Philly with a few notes about each product.

Easton - Equipment
Head - "Stealth" adjustable pocket tilt, several holes - easy to string
Helmet - Raptor, "lightest helmet available" tested in Easton's "Dome" testing facility
Skadium shaft
Casey Powell was there repping the products and brand - talking to kids, signing autographs, etc.

Dynamic - Jerseys
Special dye-jobs for apparel - designs part of fabric, doesn't crack or peel off

Bangers - Glasses
High quality poly-carbonate glasses
"Most players think they only need wire glasses when they actually need both."

GameOnz by GroupAppz - mobile device app (and website)
Built for leagues, allows coaches, parents to see schedules, weather updates, scores, canceled practice, etc.
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