Part 3: Stylin’ Strings Virginia Lacrosse Customs

Part 3: Stylin’ Strings Virginia Lacrosse Customs

This Stylin’ Strings Lax Customs issue is Part 3 of our UVA stick series. This round of heads was completed right before this season kicked off. We know how the season has ended now but we still wanted to show these 10 new sticks that includes two goalie heads.

This Gait Vault head was requested when one of the guys saw an inside out we had done on an attack head. The Inside Fade on this looked sweet from the outside where it accentuated the flame looking insets of the head. The 12 diamond mesh pocket was strung to the exact specs requested by the player.

The Rotunda dye was a hit with the guys. Here it is displayed on this Torque 3 with a Navy to Orange fade with the white V and sabers at the bottom. This version had a minor update to the graphic and was the first exact replica, as far as coloring goes, with the orange in the Rotunda representing brick.

This picture shows the insane amount of detail that was put into this dye.

This next stick saw many goals this year, plenty of time in HD on ESPN, and a cameo still in U.S. Lacrosse Magazine. Fitting that it is a Gait Showtime because the simple two-color fade with the V / Sabers and the number was all business this year.

The next request was for the same fade color request as the last stick but with an all one color Rotunda on top. The flat bottom face of the Sabre made a nice spot for #27.

We are always dealing with different sizes of lips on the heads, stringing hole configurations, and indent grooves. This picture was just a quick comparison on the One-Color Rotunda vs. the Two-Color.

The Hoos on top of this Showtime was it’s second time around. This stick was remade after it saw its demise. The original was destroyed soon after it hit its owner’s hands. The inside of the head has the sabers contoured to the bodylines of the head in between the two fades.

Another Goalie head hit the shop, and we wanted to do something different than the inside out. So we decided to keep a wide white stripe around the outside bodyline of the head. On the top we repeated the V in an Aztec looking texture with an enlarged V and Sabers in the middle. The inside also has mini swords that contoured the inner sidewall of the head.

A tribute was in order for one player with a loved one fighting brain cancer. This Three-Color fade on the Gait Sabre reveals an AB initialed at the bottom wrapped in a purple ribbon. We call this player spec lacrosse pocket a Stylin’ Strings Cali Mesh.

The side view here shows how he wanted his pocket strung to his specs and placement.

We have a ton of glue options on our website but we wanted to do something different with this request. The player wanted more Orange than Navy with the all white V and sabers and his number. So we decided to do a heavy glue dye job. This will be available for sale in the next few weeks. After testing all of our pockets from Part 1 he decided on our staple Mesh-X custom hybrid pocket.

The side profile shows his request for a mid to high pocket placement.

The final stick in this 10-stick rundown is the only Gait Flow in the bunch. This thing is super clean, majority Navy dye, with just Virginia in Orange up top, and the two-color V and Sabers below. This pocket is a Stylin’ Strings Classic mesh pocket with a special request for a Triangle Top String.

The final slide in the article shows a medium to low pocket placement. Again, Stylin’ Strings Lax would like to thank The University of Virginia for the opportunity and the contract naming us The Official Stringers & Dye Artists for 2012. Stay tuned to our facebook page for un-posted content and our website for newly available dye jobs. Use discount code LPGUVA3 to get 10% off any pocket or dye.
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