Orion Lacrosse Cor Strength

Orion Lacrosse Cor Strength

Five years ago a resilient, impact absorbing composite technology was developed for the sporting goods industry. Orion Lacrosse immediately saw the advantages of this new composite material over men’s metal alloy lacrosse handles. The pursuit to developing a lightweight, impact resistant handle with a faster head speed and better grip had begun.

What is a COR STRENGTH™ handle?
The two features that distinguish the Orion Cor Strength™ handle from all other lacrosse handles are: 1) the round carbon fiber core, and 2) the durable ControLite™ surface that gives the handle its shape and protects the round core from impact or abrasion.

Round Core Advantages
The unique round core is inherently stronger than any other conceivable shape. If you were going to choose the perfect shape for optimal durability and strength it would be round, not octagonal. In addition to superior strength the round core also allows the handle to flex more than metal alloys for greater head speed and measurably faster shots.

ControLite™ Composite Surface
Insulating and protecting the round core structure is ControLite, a light-weight rubberized composite material able to absorb the nastiest stick checks enabling players to maintain better ball control. This molded composite is hand sanded giving it a porous surface that pulls moisture from the surface actually improving the handle’s grip as the game goes on. While other lacrosse handles paint rubberized coatings on metal handles, none of them have a porous finish so moisture remains on the handle surface.

Through five years of development, impact testing and play testing the Orion Cor Strength handle has been perfected into the best playing lacrosse handle available today. The combination of outstanding durability and superior playing characteristics makes this handle technology unlike anything on the market today.

Feel the difference.

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