Orca Lacrosse Club x Maverik Maybach

Here's the first glimps of Orca's Maybach gloves, one of the two gloves (Empire Orca coming soon) by Maverik that this "Thailand based" men's club lacrosse team will be rocking for 2011 season. The 2011 spec Maybach and Empire will feature a few improved modifications for the demand of the players.The team's all Black with White trimming theme will also be incorporated in the team's Cascade Pro7 helmet.

The Orca Lacrosse Club relocates its operation from the States to Thailand, as the first club team in the Kingdom of Thailand. Orca will be competing along side 3 other club teams, in Thailand's national lacrosse league entitled " Thailand Lacrosse League" or the TLL. On top of that, Orca plans to enter several tournaments in the states to help promote/generate interest for Thailand Lacrosse both abroad, and within Thailand.

The Orca LC is proud to continue the tradition of partnership with Maverik, Lacrosse Unlimited (Team's custom Jersey - coming soon) and Cascade that was established by the TLA's men's national team. Visit the Orca Fan Page for more information.
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