Optimize Performance With The STX Alliance Flex Chart

Optimize Performance With The STX Alliance Flex Chart

Today, STX unveiled a new feature to their website, the STX Alliance flex chart. Flex technology essentially maximizes velocity on shots, improved ball feel and improved precision on feeds. Supporting high demand for the three flex variations of the Alliance shaft, the flex chart determines which shaft is best suited for your overall style of play.

In order to determine the best Alliance shaft for play you have to follow a short four step process at STX.com. Below, LPG will guide you through a demo.

Step 1: Position
Step 1 simply asks you to select a position, midfield or atack.

Step 2: Style
Three options are displayed: Power, Finesse, Combo. The screen has a great aesthetic. In case you aren't sure what type of style you have hover over the options and a STX promo player will display. It will either be Anthony Kelly, Brendan Mundorf or Kyle Harrison.

Step 3: Technique
You are either full body or upper body. Select one.

Step 4: Results
In the last step your results are shown. If you are a finesse player will be using Alliance 85, if you are a combo then it will be Alliance 135 and if you are a beast on the field you will be ripping rope with Alliance 160.

Don't miss out on the videos when you hover over each player on the main page. Also, there are three FLEX R&D videos bottom right. Find your flex at STX.com
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