Odor Gladiator Review

Odor Gladiator Review

Everyone's lax bag smells bad, right? Wrong. Keeping your equipment clean means getting rid of the odor causing bacteria, making your stuff feel fresher on, last longer since it won't get crusty and gross and not make your entire basement smell terrible.  There are ways to keep it clean and the Odor Gladiator is a super easy way.


The Odor Gladiator is a small device, about the size of a lacrosse ball, that you just toss in your bag and it reduces the odor.  Since I have a pretty big bag full of equipment (you need more pads for box), I have had two Odor Gladiators in there for about a month or so.  Although the smell isn't 100% gone, it is definitely much better.


Another cool feature about the Odor Gladiator is that its fully customizable in colors, letting you order any color top and bottom and customize it to your liking.  I know this isn't too big a deal since the thing just sits in your bag all the time but its a nice little extra.  The colors are bright and vibrant.


I'd highly recommend the Odor Gladiator to everyone.  Most kids' equipment bags make wherever they are stored smell like a locker room and the Odor Gladiator is a simple, effortless solution to that issue.
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