Ocean City Lacrosse Uniforms, Shafts and Mouthguards

Ocean City Lacrosse Uniforms, Shafts and Mouthguards

We just got back from taking another team to the Ocean City Lax Classic again this Summer. The team ranged from LXM Pros, DI, DIII and Juco players. The assorted mix turned out to gel really well together as the chemistry was evident in the way they played over the course of the weekend. We also hooked the team up with the freshest gear out there.

We surprised the players with Epoch Lacrosse shafts. The shafts are the 2013 Dragonfly carbon fiber shafts. The Dpole is the 2013 R60 and the shortie is the 2013 C30. The design was a collaboration between Lacrosse Playground, Epoch Lacrosse and Olympic Den. Epoch wanted to create a unique look for the custom shafts using a Candy Cane design.

The uniforms was a fun process between LPG, Olympic Den and Fit2Win. Being that we are based in DC, we decided to go with a Washington Wizards look using Safety Green and Baby Blue. The uni colors match the Candy Cane shaft.

Revolutionary flavor technology allows MoGo to add flavor to plastic, creating the world's first flavored mouthguard. The result is the freshest tasting sports mouthguard ever. MoGo supplied our team with Bubble Gum flavored mouth pieces. The guys loved them! Head to the Mogosport.com to get 25% off your next order using coupon code “LAXPLAYGROUND”.

Big thanks to all of our sponsors and the players for putting up with our antics!
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