Nova Sticks Nova Speed Review

Nova Sticks Nova Speed Review

When Nova Sticks hit me up on Instagram about their new Nova Speed, I didn't know what to expect.  These shafts are very competitive with other similar shafts on the market, yet has its own features that set it apart at a very competitive price.


The Nova Speed is quite light, coming in at 165 grams. The shaft has a texture that I haven't used before on other shafts.  It has a very smooth feel that is almost slick.  In my opinion, this is both a positive and a negative. The feel of the shaft feels awesome when it is in your hand, but with gloves on, it almost feels too slick and it feels slippery.  The shape of the shaft does help with this issue.  The shape of the shaft is very concave, giving you a good amount of control on the stick.


The Nova Speed is made of 7075 aluminum, making it quite strong.  I used it in some pickup scrimmages and besides a few scratches, the shaft is in quite good condition.  There aren't any dents at all on it. I could see this working quite well for field players but probably not in box.

The shaft is available in two colors, which both look very nice.  One is silver with white text.  The other is black with off white text.  Both of these match quite well with any head design and colors.


The Nova Speed is only $64.99, which I think is a great price for the shaft. The Speed competes with other shafts available around the $99 price, and is a bit more durable.  I'd recommend this shaft to any field player looking for a decent shaft at a great price.
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