By now, most of you have seen the "Write The Future" commercials over and over again. But what you definitely didn't know is that STX/Nike rep, Kyle Harrison, is on the court during Kobe Bryant's segment.

Kyle had this to say about the video shoot to us exclusively:

For one, it was an incredible experience to see the production and planning that goes into a Kobe Bryant shoot. Clearly, getting to slap Kobe's hand after he hit a shot was one of the cooler experiences I've ever had, but what was so amazing was watching how good this dude was! Coming off of a pick, with 6 seconds on the clock, having two people jump out in his face, and he'd just fadeaway and knock down a shot after shot! Now I get why he seems so casual in games when he does it. Dude is just that good and crazy consistent.

Kyle, for being the star that he is, is incredibly humble. Look for him at the 2:03 mark on the bench.

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